Our church exists to Echo the love of Christ to those who are far from God so they might come to life in Christ. So we worship in such a way to show that life is truly found in Jesus. When you step into an Echo Church worship experience, the overall tone you’ll find is one of celebration and joy, where we are holding nothing back in worship of our God.


Our desire is that Echo church will become a place of influence, a place that grows so quickly buildings struggle to hold us. We will worship in such a way that it will give people a glimpse of heaven and encourage the praise of our people throughout the earth. We will strive to be dependent on the Holy Spirit so that nothing can stop us or stand against us. Our leader is Jesus, our guide is the Holy Spirit and our focus is on the great commission.



Echo Church exists, “So the world may hear the good news of JESUS.”


We want everyone to hear God’s message of love, grace, hope and redemption. Not only do we want the world to hear, but we want His message to be demonstrated in our lives, daily, as we encounter our family members, co-workers and friends.


When God moves, it brings life. Too often people live according to their own agenda and miss out on the fullness of life. Our desire is to be a people, so “in tune” with God’s voice, that we put aside our own plans and answer, “Yes!” when He calls.


If we are to reach the world for God, it starts right here with our current sphere of influence. If we would be a church, comprised of many individuals-echoing God to those closest to us, imagine what would happen. The joy and purpose we experience through having an authentic relationship with God would continue to echo, so that the whole world may hear.



Echo Church will fulfill it’s mission by, “Leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.”


We didn’t make it up. Jesus left his disciples with two big assignments: make disciples of all nations, and be my witnesses in your city, in your region, and “to the end of the earth” (Matthew 28:19, Acts 1:8).


By God’s grace, this is actually happening. The only explanation for the way God is moving at Echo Church is His supernatural power. Pray that the mission would continue to thrive. As we participate, we get the joy of seeing lives changed again and again; God gets the glory because it’s all about Jesus.



Our strategy is simply “how” we accomplish our vision and mission. Biblically, we see five main church life streams that position us to live a devoted life which are: Weekend Services, Personal Devotion, Serving, Echo Groups and Missions and Outreach.


Our worship services are designed to encourage and strengthen you in your relationship with Jesus. We offer two services on Sunday; both of them offer the same experience, and are dedicated to putting God first.


Personal Devotion is simply the daily practice of making room in your life to seek God through prayer and reading the Scripture. We believe this is important in taking your personal spiritual growth experience beyond the weekend and into your everyday life.


Serving is the very heart and nature of Jesus. The Bible tells us that He came “not to be served, but to serve.” (Matthew 20:28) While on earth, Jesus met people’s physical and tangible needs. As servants of Christ, it is our belief that we should do the same. Simply put, we are able to identify more with the character of Christ when we serve others.


One of the best ways to get connected with other people in the Echo Church family is by participating in an Echo Small Group. Echo Groups are designed to help you build healthy relationships with others in a safe environment, while growing together spiritually.


We believe the local church is the vehicle Jesus Christ chose and empowered to reach a lost and hurting world. Through our local outreaches and global missions, we mobilize teams and overcome hurdles that get in the way of people experiencing a devoted life. Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, driven by His heart to serve others, while giving people the opportunity to find true hope and fulfillment. Together, we are reaching our communities and changing our world for Jesus.

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